Special to the Reporter

On March 26, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) gave final approval to the Somervell County Water Districtís (SCWD) 2008 Water Infrastructure Fund (WIF) application. The TWDB approved the districtís initial request of $31,035,000 through three different funding vehicles.

The district was approved for an Economically Distressed Area Program (EDAP) grant in the amount of $10,894,000. This grant will not require repayment.

The district was also approved for a rural state water plan zero interest loan for $10,834,000. This is a zero interest loan that requires the district to repay only the principle amount.

The balance of the districtís request was approved as a WIF construction loan in the amount of $9,367,000 with an interest rate in the 3.4 percent range.

The EDAP grant funds became available to the district in early Dec. 2008 when SCWD staff learned of a possibility of qualifying for the grant by making adjustments to the Somervell County subdivision policy. The entire Commissionerís Court, County Judge Walter Maynard and County Superintendent Wade Busch worked diligently throughout the Christmas and New Year holiday to make the needed changes that enable d SCWD to qualify and apply for the EDAP funds.

The district is planning on bidding out its water treatment plant and first phases of the distribution system in December. Construction is expected to begin in early 2010 and finished by the end of the year.