Duff Cunningham of the Squaw Valley Golf Course, addressed the Somervell County Commissionerís during the open comments portion of a called meeting Monday.

He wanted to thank the Somervell County Volunteer Fire Department for their help during a controlled burn at the course over the weekend.

Golfing rates at the golf course were also on the agenda.

On Oct. 1, 2008, green fees were rounded up to the nearest dollar after the court approved rate changes. At the time, Cunningham said the decision was made to make things easier for players. Using whole dollar amounts means golfers donít have to worry about toting change to the course.

The idea of a military discount was also discussed, but commissionerís wanted time to review what would be involved with offering such a discount.

But, at Mondayís meeting, they unanimously decided to offer a discount to all active duty military personnel with proper identification.

Now, active duty soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen will pay what county residents pay for a round of golf.

Commissioner Mike Ford and Cunningham said the county shouldnít lose money in the deal and felt like it was a good program to offer service men and women.

ďWe have maybe two requests a month about if we have an active military discount,Ē Cunningham said.

Effective rates for non-county residents are:

Weekdays - $42

Weekday twilights - $33

Seniors - $31

Weekend twilights - $40

Replay - $28

County residents pay half of the regular fee.

The Glen Rose Bird Sanctuary was also on the courtís agenda.

Rod Hale, a volunteer at the Glen Rose Bird Sanctuary, asked the City Council in Dec. 2008 about making improvements to the lot, including placing stones in the stream bed to help limit erosion when the stream floods. The county actually owns the property and therefore must give the go-ahead to such a project.

Although Hale was unable to attend the commissionerís meeting, Ford said he had previously spoken to him about the project. Ford understood that the group was not seeking funding, only permission to have the work done.

The commissionerís voted to allow the stones to be placed in the streambed inside the sanctuary.