Open enrollment through the Health Insurance Marketplace related to the Affordable Care Act began Oct. 1 and continues through March 31.

C5E2C38F-FCF0-0001-70361B12C942C350 NO. I have insurance coverage through another source. 6 C5E2C399-E690-0001-B43BE6602FF0A870 NO. I have found registration to be complicated. 0 C5E2C39E-B350-0001-CC3B10D0191068A0 NO. But I plan to register. 0 C5E2C3D2-1DD0-0001-E3EC178F188039D0 NO. I refuse. 5 C5E2C3A9-4A00-0001-5FFF1BD04B00B800 YES. I wanted to sign up in the first month of open enrollment. 1 C5E2C3B0-0DB0-0001-6C681A9020C03080 YES. But only becuase it is mandated. 0 C5E2C3B6-CDC0-0001-535717D08ED01DA5 None of the above. 0