Two Glen Rose High School seniors, including the starting quarterback of the football team, were arrested last week for burglarizing three residences.

A juvenile also was detained for allegedly participating in two of the burglaries.

Franklin Brandenburg, 18, and Jesse Lee Garza, 17, were arrested for burglary of a habitation. Bond was set for $25,000 each.

Brandenburg was released on Tuesday, April 24, after bail was posted. Garza spent a night in jail and was released on Wednesday, April 25.

Both cases will be turned over the Somervell County Grand Jury next month.

The name of the 16-year-old juvenile was not released. His case will be turned over to the juvenile justice system.

According to records from the Somervell County Sheriff's Department, the burglaries occurred on Monday, April 23, at residences in The Oaks and Falcon Ridge developments south of Glen Rose off State Highway 144 and a home on FM 56 South.

The suspects entered by busting down doors, said Somervell County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Derrell McCravey.

Electronic items such as computers, TVs and iPads were taken. Two of the homeowners valued the items taken at a total of $6,200.

Offense reports show that a homeowner at Falcon Ridge called the sheriff's office to report a burglary and missing electronic items. Then the sheriff's office received a report of a burglary alarm activated at the FM 56 residence. Deputies arrived at the residence and determined that electronic items were missing.

A homeowner at The Oaks also called the sheriff's office to complain that items were missing from a residence there  

The sheriff's office received a description of a suspect vehicle from a neighbor of one of the homeowners, McCravey said.

“In looking for that suspect vehicle, one of the individuals driving the vehicle had some of the stolen property in the back of his vehicle at school,” he added.

A check of attendance records at the high school revealed that some students were absent at the time the burglaries took place.

“It happened during a time when they should have been at school,” McCravey said.

Brandenburg confessed, McCravey said, and took deputies to his residence, where they recovered part of the property. A search warrant obtained for Garza's vehicle and residence led to the discovery of some of the property at this residence, he added.

Other property was found at another person's house who did not have anything to do with the burglaries, according to McCravey.

Brandenburg was the starting quarterback for the Glen Rose Tigers in the fall 2011 season before an injury sidelined him. He was named to Academic All-State Football team.

Garza also played football. He and Brandenburg are friends, according to postings on their Facebook and My Space pages.

Glen Rose ISD Superintendent Wayne Rotan said he was restricted in what he could say about what action the district would take.

"We'll take action in accordance with Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code and the Student Code of Conduct," Rotan said.

Chapter 37 of the education code covers discipline and law and order. It calls for each school district to provide a disciplinary alternative education program that is located on or off a regular school campus and separate from other students not assigned to the program. The AES also provides supervision and counseling in addition to educational and behavioral needs.

To read the Chapter 37 provisions, click

McCravey declined to speculate on the reason behind the burglaries. But he said that he does not believe the goal was for “monetary gain.”

“I don't think they had any intention of pawning (the items),” McCravey said. “One of them had already put his personal information on an iPad” that was reported missing.

McCravey said the sheriff's office recovered the missing items for owners, but the damages to doors will have to be dealt with as well. The homeowners also have had their privacy violated, he added.

He stressed that the suspects took a great risk that easily could have resulted in even more tragedy.

“There's a huge risk to their well-being,” McCravey said. “What if someone had been at home?”

Earlier this month in Dallas a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed by a homeowner when he and some friends tried to break into a home. 

“There were all kinds of things that could have happened,” McCravey said.

McCravey added that the three boys “had everything they needed and spending money provided to them.

“It is a huge waste of talented young people,” he said. “They are going to have a huge burden to carry around for the rest of their adult life.”