Jennifer Black, a 17-year-old senior at Glen Rose High School, witnessed history on Jan. 20 when she watched Barack Obama swear in as the 44th president of the United States.

She found out last July that she would travel to Washington D.C. with People to People, Student Ambassadors. Dwight D. Eisenhower founded the group and his granddaughter continues to orchestrate the group.

Black has traveled to Europe and Yellowstone National Park with the group.

As the only representative of GRHS, Black said she enjoyed her time in D.C. and hopes to visit again.

“We got to visit most of the monuments and museums,” Black said.

The main attraction of her trip was, of course, the inauguration.

“We got there really early, like 6 a.m., at the National Wall,” Black said. “We stood for eight hours. You could not move there were so many people. We were shoulder to shoulder to people you never met. It was really cold. I couldn’t feel my legs at the end of it.”

Black said people were crammed together so tightly that she didn’t think someone would hit the ground if they passed out.

“People wouldn’t give up their spot to anyone else,” Black said.

In fact, the group leader had a hard time wading through the crowd, taking three hours to find her way back from a porta-potty.

But despite the crowd and the cold, Black was mesmerized by the experience. She watched Obama take the oath of office on a giant jumbo-tron.

“It was awesome being there,” Black said. “Everyone was real happy and screaming when he was talking.”