Glen Rose ISD increased their Gold Performance Acknowledgement (GPA) ratings in 2008. The GPA system ranks and recognizes campuses with high performances on TAKS test indicators that are not used to determine accountability ratings. The campus or school district must be rated academically acceptable or higher to be recognized by GPA.

A release from the school said GRISD class of 2007 received recognition for the number of graduates who met or exceeded the requirements for the Recommended High School Program (RHSP). GRISD was also recognized for the number of 11th grade students who scored higher than 2200 on the TAKS math test, which indicates their ability to be successful in college math classes.

The intermediate campus was commended on their TAKS scores for math, writing and science. They received recognition for improving reading and math scores.

The junior high campus was commended for high reading, writing and social studies test scores.

The high school campus was also commended for high social studies test scores.

Campuses in the district have been working with students to help prepare them each year for the TAKS test, a test required by the state.

GRISD enrolls more students each year and the student population continues to gain in diversity.

So far, 1,721 students are enrolled in GRISD for the 2008-09 school year. Approximately 70 percent of those students are classified as Anglo, with 27 percent Hispanic. Approximately 43 percent of all students are considered economically disadvantaged.

Superintendent Wayne Rotan said nearly five out of 10 GRISD students qualify for the free lunch program, which is on par with the statewide average of 50 percent.

While Rotan said while the district welcomes diversity, the changing demographics present difficult challenges.

“Every day we are getting more students that don’t speak English,” Rotan said.

Complicating matters are state laws that limit the time non-English speaking students have to learn the language and take the TAKS test.

Diane Habluetzel, curriculum director for GRISD, said the district uses the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) to measure the acquisition of the English language by limited English proficient (LEP) students.

The program was first tested three years ago and has been in full swing for two years. TELPAS trains teachers to analyze writing samples and reading assessments to gauge student progress.

There are 32 LEP students in kindergarten and first grade. There are more than 100 LEP students in second through 12th grade.