Residents in Hall D at Cherokee Rose Manor may have thought they had been moved to Hollywood. A film crew swirled around the nursing home Monday through Wednesday.

“Quiet on the set!” was shouted down the hallway before each take and the director set up his chair in the hall.

Crews, lights, cameras and actors in the independent film “Carried Away” lined the hallway as residents looked on.

“They love it; they’re so excited,” said Administrator Rick Villa.

Villa said the nursing home has never been a movie set before, but the independent film crew found out about the facility through Gabriel Horn, a former Glen Rose resident.

Horn was heavily involved in the annual production of The Promise at the Texas Amphitheater before deciding to take a shot at Hollywood.

Horn landed the lead role for the movie and recommended bringing crews to his old stomping ground to shoot some vital scenes in the movie.

The story is about a man who returns home to visit his grandmother who has been placed in a nursing home and suffers from dementia. He decides he wants to take her back to Los Angeles but his father disagrees.

Without giving too much of the plot away, Horn’s character kidnaps his grandmother and a chase ensues.

“It’s a family cross-country chase,” said James Johnston, film producer.

Johnston said some of the Cherokee Rose residents are getting into the act. Several will be stand-ins and background actors for larger scenes, including a breakfast scene filmed in the Rose’s cafeteria.

Villa said he found out last week that the film crew wanted to use the nursing home. He was able to find empty rooms for the crews to film in and did not have to move any of the permanent residents.

Johnston said the film still has several months of post-production work before it is completed. He expects the film to be release next year.