The 4-B Tax Advisory Board of the City of Glen Rose opened up the floor for discussions regarding plans for a multi-million dollar water park Monday night.

Michael Buckley with eHT Engineering drafted a design that was presented to the board. The preliminary cost estimate is more than $4.2 million.

Jimmy Gosdin said he realizes it is a hefty balance, but the plans give the board a lot of room to work with.

“Any of these things could be changed, larger or smaller, or taken out,” Gosdin said.

The estimate includes an arcade/party building for $534,900.

One of the biggest expenses is the proposed indoor, Olympic-size pool at $978,960. Gosdin said they have considered features such as large, roll-up doors and a handicap lift assist.

Omitting the metal building or only constructing a half-size pool could lower the cost.

Another pricey yet popular item is the Lazy River, coming in at $832,000.

A kiddie pool area featuring water slides was estimated at $213,800.

A restroom and commissary area was also included in the plans for $114,800.

Gosdin said that although the estimate did not include the cost of the land itself, they did estimate $850,000 for general site work for items such as lights, parking lots, fencing, landscaping and dirt work.

With a 20 percent contingency, the estimate totaled $4,229,352. Gosdin said if the arcade building was excluded and the pool plan was minimized, $1.2 million could be cut from the estimate.

Buckley said it all comes down to what kind of park Glen Rose wants.

“You have to decide what kind of waterpark you want, a $4 million or $2 million park,” Buckley said.

The board decided not to vote on the plans until the next meeting on April 6 to give the community time to review the plans.

Board member Connally Miller asked that residents submit written comments to Town Hall.

Cleburne already has a Splash Station in one of the city parks. The station sports a pool with an inflatable cover that allows year-round use.

They also have several small fountain areas and wading pools.

Stephenville recently began work on a $3,489,075 waterpark. The main pool area will include a lap swimming/exercise area, a zero-depth entry, which will provide an area for small children and include a children’s play structure, and a mid-size to large waterslide. The bath house will contain dressing areas, restroom facilities, a concession stand, managers office, lifeguard area, pump and equipment housing, and serve as the main admission area to the Aquatics Center. The bids also included alternate bids for a lazy river and spray ground.