A silent killer could be lurking in someone’s veins. Without proper screenings the silent health risk could go unnoticed for months, even years, before the unthinkable takes its toll.

Once again, the Glen Rose Health Fair, sponsored by Glen Rose Medical Center and LDL, will attempt to diagnose health risks for local residents through free screenings.

“It is an opportunity for them to have a level of testing done at no charge to them for health problems they may have,” GRMC chief operating officer Mo Sheldon said. “People can be alerted to anything that might be a potential health risk and get it taken care of.”

At the 2008 Health Fair, 41 people who did not know they had a problem were sent for thyroid treatment, along with 22 individuals who had blocked carotid arteries. Out of those 22, a quarter of them had untreated high blood pressure.

Free screenings will include skin cancer, cholesterol, blood sugar, bone density, carotid doppler, blood pressure, pulmonary function, thyroid, hearing, vision and EKGs.

Avi T. Deshmukh, PhD, will also provide prostate screenings and prostate specific antigen or psa tests by appointment.To schedule a screening, call 254-897-1472.

In addition to free screenings, there will be information on diabetes, healthy snack information, posture and spinal checks and poisonous plant recognition.

The Somervell County Sheriff’s Department will also be on hand doing demonstrations with vision goggles. The goggles simulate intoxication, showing the effects on the wearer.

For more information about the Health Fair, call 254-897-1434.