A recently formed political action committee is working to gain signatures on a petition asking county officials to call for a May hospital district election. The PAC wants voters to weigh in on the formation of the new taxing entity to oversee Glen Rose Medical Center operations, removing the financial burden from the county.

C57C959E-CB90-0001-C5F1195C1F0010E1 Yes, the county has carried the burden long enough 6 C57C95A8-25B0-0001-9BAC1A00176018AC Yes, we need more local services and providers 4 C57C95AF-4CA0-0001-D7821840ADC218C3 No, I am taxed enough already 5 C57C95B1-CD30-0001-C14891801FA0C130 No, I favor turning the facility over to a management company 4 C57C95B5-8270-0001-C5F31929E8506A00 No, I want things to stay the way they are now 2