Hundreds of diners have signed petitions and visitors to the Reporter’s Facebook site have made their voices heard - the Hollywood & Vine restaurant’s new sign is just fine, an overwhelming majority of respondents said.

Nine out of 11 people posted positive comments on the Facebook poll. That’s not exactly a resounding number, but Hollywood & Vine is asking diners to post comments as well.

“Absolutely love it, very cool!” said Thomas Arms.

“Love it,” wrote Jana Trimble. “It adds an element of diversity or excitement to the downtown area. It says, ‘We’re not all the same.’”

Cheryl Norton said she also liked the sign.

“Will be a good draw for the square,” she said.

“Love it!” wrote Ann Best. “It looks much better than the houses that are falling down across the street from it!”

However, Amanda Romine said she didn’t like it.

“It doesn’t really ‘fit in,’ but I’m sure it will draw more business to them,” she said.

Dianne Peters Gruber said she didn’t mind the lettering.

“But I think that the color on the palms could be toned down,” she suggested.

Jody Stocks took time to write a Letter to the Editor printed in this edition’s Opinion Page.

“Unfortunately, there are some here who are either afraid of change or have the inability to see and understand how Glen Rose can reach its potential,” she wrote. “While it is a good idea to keep the square looking true to its historical roots, Hollywood & Vine is not on the square. The sign in no way detracts from the square.”

Dobber Stephenson, who co-owns the restaurant with partner Paul Longinotti, showed several clipboards with signatures and glowing recommendations for the new sign, which spans a city easement along Vine Street.

Styled after the famous Hollywood Hills sign in California, the sign is flanked by two metal cutout palm trees. At night, it’s lit and impossible to miss from the downtown square.

As of Monday at lunchtime, Stephenson counted more than 250 names on the petitions and he said that others are circulating.

If the city decides that the sign violates the city’s sign ordinance, the restaurant could obtain a variance. Stephenson is preparing to show the public’s support of the sign, just in case.

To cast your vote for or against the sign, go to the “Glen Rose Reporter site on Facebook.