Dorothy Jo Osborn has plans for her property, which she presented to the city council on Monday, during a public hearing.

Osborn, who owns approximately 12 acres on Barnard Street known as Arps Park, asked the council to rezone her property from R1 Single Family to PD Planned Development.

“Because we are part of the historical district we would like to restore the cabins so they are rentable and look good,” Osborn said.

In her original request, Osborn asked to rezone the property to allow for renovations of the existing cabins, build new cabins and to install RV pads in a later phase along the lower level of the property.

The city council was hesitant to authorize the zoning change because of the RV pads.

“I think, unfortunately, how you phrased this is what has caused the problem,” council member Bob Stricklin said.

According to Osborn, the property was originally zoned R1 Single Family in 1992 and prior to that it was not zoned at all. The city said the reasoning for the R1 zoning was because at the time a dwelling was occupied at the edge of the park.

Ronald Bruce, city superintendent, said the best option for the Osborns would be to get the property zoned as MH Manufactured Housing or B1 or B2 Commercial Property with special use permits to operate the cabins.

Neighbors, mostly living across Barnard Street from Arps Park, said they are supportive of the cabins.

“As neighbors, we all consent to the cabins being restored,” Sharon Lawler said. “Once it goes commercial, (they) can put the RVs anywhere (they) want on the property.”

City council members asked Osborn for her site plans, which she said did not yet exist.

“It will take a lot of money to make what we have envisioned possible,” she said. “Planning and Zoning said if we had plans drawn up they may approve it. We can’t afford to draw it up if there will not be a return on our investment.”

After the public hearing was closed, the rezoning was discussed again on the regular agenda, this time with a vote from council members.

“We need Ronald to research that (zoning) and get the right wording so we don’t go through this again,” Stricklin said.

Stricklin then made a motion to table the agenda item, waiving any additional fees and waiting period, pending a reclassification of the rezoning. The motion was seconded by Barbara Mitchell and approved unanimously.

Osborn is required to wait a minimum of 15 days before the city council is allowed to address the item again. The rezoning is expected to appear on the October agenda.