Why are there so many hotels being built in a town the size of Glen Rose? This is a question that many Glen Rose residents have been asking, and there are many reasons for the relatively recent hotel boom.

The most obvious reason is the numerous tourist attractions. There are the Promise and Fossil Rim. There is the expo center, which hosts events on a regular basis. Then, there are of course, dinosaurs. Glen Rose is the undisputed dinosaur capital of Texas, with attractions such as Dinosaur Valley State Park and Dino World. Of course, these attractions, with the exception of Dino World, have been around long before the new hotels started popping up. So what has changed?

There are a few reasons that the hotels have come to Glen Rose over the past few years. One reason has to do with the fact that Glen Rose was named the American Dream Town in 2004. “Glen Rose is an amazing community with so many attractions that are geared toward the family,” said Joe Leising, manager of the Holiday Inn Express. Tourism in Glen Rose is expected to grow greatly over the next few years.

Glen Rose also has a great location. It sits between Highway 281 and 35, and has highway 67, which is a straight shot to Dallas, running through the center of it. It is also the county seat, so we have the square around the county courthouse, which allows for shopping and dining.

The gas wells have definitely had a part to play as well. Barnett-Shell has brought in people from around the country for the natural gas boom we have had in this area since 2000.

One of the major reasons has to do with the cost of gasoline at this time. With gas prices soaring over the past few years, people in the metroplex are looking for closer weekend getaways. Glen Rose is the perfect weekend retreat. It is relatively close to the larger cities and has numerous family attractions that are fun for the entire family, and not to mention it’s scenic beauty as well.

Knowing all of this, it is no wonder that hotels are flocking to Glen Rose. They know that it is a great community that will see incredible growth over the next few years due to the major increase of tourism in the area.