Despite her attorney’s effort to change the minds of members of the Glen Rose ISD school board in a Level III Grievance Hearing last Thursday, Joelle Ogletree was once again denied the opportunity to volunteer in her daughter’s school.

Ogletree, who was accused of sexual misconduct with a student during her term as a French teacher at Glen Rose High School more than seven years ago, appeared before the board earlier this year on her own accord requesting the same opportunity but was denied.

“There is no path that Mrs. Ogletree can see under which she could possibly volunteer,” Ogletree’s attorney Harry Jones said. “The request she made is as a mother and only as a mother. She would like to be able to volunteer in her daughter’s school.”

Jones said it is the fourth year in a row for Ogletree to be denied as a volunteer.

The school district’s attorney, Tom Meyers, however, said that Ogletree’s rights as a mother were not being violated.

“Mrs. Ogletree is not being denied rights as a parent,” Meyers said. “No one has an unlimited right to come into a classroom anytime she wants.The district is looking out for the best interest of the district and its students.”

Meyers said the district has taken the appropriate actions to protect all parties involved.

“The district has taken prudence and caution for all concerned and not allowed her to volunteer,” Meyers said. “It is certainly something the district needs to be concerned about because something could happen.”

Jones attempted to persuade board members one more time, but to no avail.

“There is no reason to believe Mrs. Ogletree will be any danger to elementary school girls in this district,” Jones said. “I do not believe you are taking a risk. If I did, I wouldn’t represent her.”

After the formal comments and rebuttals were made by each party, the floor was opened for discussion. Board members, however, did not discuss the situation. Instead, member Brady Brown made a motion to uphold the decision of the district. Brown’s motion was seconded by Tom Lounsberry and approved unanimously.