A group of concerned citizens has launched a petition drive to urge the Glen Rose City Council to “immediately start the hiring process for the budgeted city administrator” job that has split the council but has united some taxpayers who say they want better organization, procedures and accountability at Town Hall.

The group, which doesn't have a formal name, hopes to get at least 200 signatures to show the council that citizens want an administrator and are willing to pay for the position.

Signatures will be limited to those who are Glen Rose residents and business or property owners who may live outside the city, but pay city taxes on their property or business.

At the Glen Rose City Council's retreat on July 17, the council decided it would be helpful to get job descriptions of all city employees. That spurred the citizens group to move ahead with a petition drive, saying that enough time has been devoted to discussion.

"While tweaking the job description for administrator might be necessary, they do not need to re-write job descriptions for the entire staff," one citizen said. "Let the administrator do this. This was just another delay and stall ploy."

"Comments I hear from citizens are extreme frustrations with the city—the screw-ups with notices, agendas, bids, code enforcement and so forth," said a citizen connected with the petition drive. "It has seemed to me lately that the mayor and council are not interested in hearing the wishes of the citizens. The only chance to express concerns is briefly during citizen's comments—and that's if the administrator job is not on agenda. Since most things get tabled, it seems like every issue which one can comment on is an agenda item."

The group plans to present the petitions to the council in late August.