C5784AF7-1410-0001-349E16EF92AE9AF0 NOT AT ALL - I read print news and use a landline telephone 0 C5784AFE-1720-0001-27D919A01DC054E0 SOMEWHAT - I use the Internet occassionally and own a cell phone 4 C5784B06-6B00-0001-A9F6C5B8BE701FAB COMPLETELY - I carry a tablet, smartphone and live paperless 6 C5784B0F-B7C0-0001-63CF1EA8B6808A00 SOCIALLY - I used Twitter, Facebook and other social media 2 C5784B15-F050-0001-C2C68420115E1E50 JUST FOR FUN - I tune into movies, music and games 0