Alan Elton Light, the man arrested in April and subsequently indicted for the attempted aggravated kidnapping of a woman in the parking lot at Brookshire's, pleaded guilty Wednesday and received a sentence of 25 years in the Texas Department of Corrections.

Light, 55, also pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence, for which he received a 10-year sentence. The two sentences will be served concurrently. Light will receive credit for the 191 days he has served in the county jail.

Arrest and call reports obtained from the Somervell County Sheriff's Department under the Open Records Act painted a picture of a man with repeated problems with alcohol and assaults against his former wife, current wife and a daughter.

Light was arrested early the morning of April 27 for attempting to kidnap a 52-year-old woman the night before as she was starting to leave the store parking lot in her car.

Eyewitnesses and the victim, who requested anonymity to protect her privacy, said the man opened her car door, pulled her out, waved a gun at her and ordered the woman to come with him in his pickup truck

He grabbed her by the arm and said, “You are going with me.”

“No, I'm not,” the woman responded.

She struggled with him and was able to break free and run to the entrance of Brookshire’s. The woman was yelling for help and saying that a man was trying to force her into his truck. A witness was able to get the license plate number and description of the vehicle the suspect was driving.

The victim was not harmed physically. She said she did not know the man who tried to abduct her.

Sheriff's officers arrested Light at his home on South Highway 56 on the way to Eulogy.

They said they had him under surveillance at his residence and observed Light trying to conceal his vehicle and other evidence.

Officers recovered two weapons during the execution of the search warrant, one of which matched the description of the gun described by the victim, they said.

The charge of aggravated kidnapping is a second-degree felony.