It's almost turkey time! With Thanksgiving just weeks away, the Reporter wants to know how you plan to spend the holiday.

C571D17A-DCB0-0001-C18F18A012DAE460 Working - I have to make some Christmas cash 2 C571D17D-D560-0001-9C111D841E10147F At home alone - Enjoying the peace of a paid day off 1 C571D182-6DB0-0001-D8BE141FB0DDEC50 Glued to the television - Football! 0 C571D187-46C0-0001-D6A614402EC01111 At home - Celebrating with friends or family 8 C571D18D-79B0-0001-2D991FE0140056C0 Visiting out-of-town loved ones 1 C571D190-0150-0001-1B82997070F01080 On vacation - Not thinking a thing about turkey 0 C571D196-2DF0-0001-ACAD39C01FD01D49 None of the above (please leave a comment with your plans) 0