Special to the Reporter

It seems fatherís today are busier than ever. They may bus the kids to soccer or dance practice, help with dinner or run errands. This Fatherís Day, give dad a helping hand with his household chores.

The job of washing the car usually falls to Dad. Surprise him by getting the family in on the dirty work. It is best to clean the car or truck in the morning or evening on a cool day to prevent water spots and streaks. Avoid using too much detergent and hot water, which can soften and strip the wax. Try to work in sections and dry the vehicle as soon as possible to minimize streaks.

If Dad is the golfing type, spruce up his equipment to help him make an early tee time. A stiff brush will effectively remove dirt and grass from the heads of golf clubs and shoes. Wipe down clubs with a mild soap and use an all-purpose polish to remove tarnish.

Whatever hobbies Dad enjoys help him have more time this Fatherís Day. With all the time he spends at work and on household chores, he will certainly appreciate the extra attention on his special day.