Get ready to bid. The 2011 Senior Quilt is almost finished.

New Focus Somervell County and Glen Rose High School will hold the annual Project Graduation spaghetti supper and auction on April 18 to raise funds for the all-night, safe alcohol- and drug-free party for seniors after graduation.

The supper will begin at 4 p.m. and served through 7 p.m. The silent auction will begin at 3:55 p.m. and conclude at 6:59 p.m. The live auction will begin at 7 p.m.

The annual Senior Quilt is the jewel of the auction. This time Alice Lance, who works on the quilt every year, asked seniors what they wanted on it.

“I let the kids vote and they wanted a picture quilt,” Lance said.

An all-cotton fabric that is printable and inkjet printer allowed the ladies working on the project to get all 122 seniors' pictures on the quilt, as well as scenes from around the high school.

Besides Lance, others who spent hours working on the quilt are Janelle Gartrell, Denise Lounesberry and Yvette Whatley, who did the embroidery. The quilt borders features the embroidered names of key high school organizations. High school yearbook coordinator Connie McCormick helped with the pictures.

This year's graduating class will be the last one to hold commencement exercises at the auditorium, so a photo of it appears on the quilt as well. Graduations will be held at the new arena once construction is complete.

Because the photo fabric proved to be very stiff, it turned out to be difficult to quilt by hand, so the edge around the pictures will be machine stitched. Otherwise, the quilt has been made the old-fashioned way. Senior Quilts typically have about 100 hours of work in them.

With its sentimental value, the Senior Quilt traditionally fetches big bucks at the auction.

“It's a big-deal item,” Lance said. Profits benefit the entire senior class.

All Project Graduation events will be held in the GRHS cafeteria, red gym and commons area. Please come out, enjoy the dinner and be ready to purchase and help the seniors begin an exciting new chapter in their lives.