Glen Rose Independent School District again has been named a “recognized” district by the Texas Education Agency.

Glen Rose Elementary School and Glen Rose Intermediate School also each received the top ranking of “exemplary” by the TEA, as they did last year.

However, the annual district accountability ratings for Glen Rose Junior High and Glen Rose High School each fell a step to a campus accountability rating of “academically acceptable,” the third-highest — or second-lowest, depending on your perspective — ranking.

The last-place ranking for Texas schools is “academically unacceptable.”

Dianne Habluetzel, the district's director of curriculum, said GRISD is happy to retain its recognized status, but added the drop in junior high and high school accountability ratings is a “disappointment.”

This year there are fewer overall recognized districts in Texas because the state no longer takes into account students who are projected to pass, a measure that boosted overall totals.

Habluetzel added that the district doesn't “overgeneralize” about standardized tests such as TAKS because it represents a test score based on one day.

“This does tell us, though, hey, we've got to ramp it up,” Habluetzel said. “We've got to do better.”