A trio of suspects broke into the Best Value Medical Center Pharmacy early one morning last week and took a variety of drugs valued at $712.

The suspects then drove to Hico and hit the pharmacy there, said Derrell McCravey, chief deputy of the Somervell County Sheriff's Department.

The burglars used a pry bar to force open the south entry door at Best Value, according to the offense report. The incident occurred on Feb. 16 at about 5:05 a.m.

McCravey said the same people broke into a pharmacy in Dublin about a week ago. Law enforcement authorities also are looking at the suspects for burglarizing a pharmacy in Sanger in Denton County.

He said the department is working with the Erath County Sheriff's Department, the Dublin Police Department and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, as well as other agencies, on the cases.

The thieves are taking "controlled substances," McCravey said. He declined to be more specific to avoid tipping off others about what kinds of drugs are inside pharmacies.

The burglars are familiar with their way around a pharmacy and strike quickly, he added.

Best Value had an audible alarm that went off, according to the offense report. But by the time the alarm signal was routed to a control center in Fort Worth, the thieves had time to do their work and escape.

"They weren't in there long," McCravey said. "They were quick - 90 seconds in and out. They knew where to go."

Video surveillance cameras captured the thefts. Law enforcement authorities are using video enhancement to help in identifying the suspects.

Citizens are asked to remain on alert and to report any suspicious activity to the sheriff office. The non-emergency number is 254-897-2242. For emergencies, dial 911.