The Mentor Program at the elementary and intermediate schools will have training sessions this week for anyone interested in becoming a mentor.

The first training session is at noon Wednesday, Jan. 7, at the Intermediate School. Visitors are asked to check in at the office.

The second opportunity will be at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, at the Elementary School.

Attendance to one of the training sessions is required.

Participants need to bring a mentor information sheet and criminal history check to the session.

Organizers are still accepting applications from anyone interested in becoming a mentor as many students are still in need of support.

For more information on the program or becoming a mentor, contact Debbie Morris with the elementary school at (254) 898-3501 or Christal Gerhart at (254) 898-3551.

Contact Lauri Mapes with the intermediate school at (254) 898-3601 or Sharmin Smith at (254) 898-3628.

Community liaison Jill Power can also be contacted for information at (254) 396-7477.