Presidential hopeful Ron Paul is back in Texas on a three-day campaign swing through College Station, Fort Worth and San Antonio.

Tonight he will speak at a town hall meeting in Fort Worth at the Will Rogers Memorial Center Auditorium. He also will meet with members of the news media, including the Glen Rose Reporter, for one-on-one interviews.

Paul received a warm welcome in College Station last night at Texas A&M University, where about 3,000 attended the meeting at Rudder Auditorium. Paul's campaign has been embraced by many college students who like his message of limited government, a plan to balance the budget and avoiding long and expensive land wars. 

The candidate's town hall meetings in Texas have been organized by Youth for Ron Paul, which has almost 600 chapters nationwide and has recruited almost 54,000 supporters. The Texas A&M chapter of Youth for Ron Paul sponsored the town hall meeting in College Station.

Paul's visit comes as one of his opponents for the Republican presidential nomination, Rick Santorum, has dropped out of the race.

Paul's campaign released a statement Monday that congratulated Santorum for running a “spirited campaign.”

“Dr. Paul is now the last – and real – conservative alternative to Mitt Romney,” the statement continued.

A new Ron Paul commercial touts him as a “big, bold Texan” who get “Washington off your back.”

The Reporter will post the interview in full on its Web site and in next Wednesday's special political print edition.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any questions for Ron Paul tonight, we'll ask him! Contact us at