On June 9, Somervell County Sheriff Greg Doyle released a statement warning city and county residents to lock their vehicles after receiving 29 reports of burglarized motor vehicles.

“All vehicles, which were entered, were unlocked,” Doyle said in the release.

The release also said the offenses occurred across the city.

The thieves made off with various items of value. The lucky owners of some of the vehicles found nothing missing but could tell someone had been in their car.

In the release, Doyle warns residents to be aware of their surroundings and to always lock their vehicles. He also pointed out that thieves will often look for low-light areas to conceal their actions or will commit offenses at night.

He encourages anyone who observes suspicious activity to contact the sheriff’s office at 897-2242, or call 911 in an emergency.

Of the 29 reports, 21 burglaries occurred sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning. Three of the reports said the incident most likely occurred in the early morning hours of June 5. Two of the reports said it happened sometime between June 3-5.

Locations of burglarized vehicles ranged from driveways to parks and one was reportedly in the owner’s garage.

Many of the reports list no items found missing, but some reported missing items such an iPOD, a GPS navigator and a scanner.

Other reports listed missing items such as snuff cans, 75-cents in change, $5 and entire wallets.