The 4B Tax Advisory Board adopted a work plan for the 2009-10 fiscal year at its monthly meeting on Monday after a lengthy discussion.

The five-step plan will allow the board to prioritize their work over the coming year, which includes plans for Oakdale Park and establishing protocols for suggested projects.

The first step will be to establish a vision for Oakdale Park through the Oakdale Park advisory committee. The committee is made up of seven people throughout the community, including members of the 4B board, which will present an overview for the final look of Oakdale Park.

Several board members and Glen Rose City Council members that were present at the meeting questioned the establishment of the Oakdale Park committee.

“I think there should have been a lot more input of who goes on that committee,” council member Ricky Villa said.

President of the 4B Board Connally Miller said the park committee was simply a link between his board and the community to gain knowledge of what the community is seeking in the renovation of Oakdale Park.

“This is just a spot to start. I don’t anticipate Oakdale Park being in design forever,” he said. “I don’t want to assume my thoughts on Oakdale Park are what everyone is thinking too. That would be a flawed assumption.”

Miller said meetings for public comments would be held in order to gain community input on the long-term vision of the park.

“The 4B will take it, present it to the public, make modifications and present it to the (city) council,” he said.

The second step will be for the 4B board to choose a design firm to consult them on the engineering of the Oakdale project. The third step will be to prepare a renovation budget for Oakdale Park.

Fourth, the board will develop procedures and policies for presenting projects to the 4B board.

Last, the board will develop criteria for evaluating proposed projects.

Miller said the criteria is important in order to prioritize projects that will be presented to the board in the future.

“That seems like a logical next step,” he said. “What are our goals in the community.”

The board also discussed its budget, which was adopted at the last meeting.

“Our budget will be presented to the city next Monday,” Miller said.

The adopted budget for the 4B board is $2.5 million, an amount some are disputing.

“I believe it needs to be at $3 million,” Villa said. “I think $3 million would be the perfect amount. We could always do bonds, but I would like to increase the $2.5 (million) to $3 million just on the stuff (projects) we have pending.”