C5E70862-9420-0001-DBCC5138F40BC7F0 I buy the bulk of my gifts from local retailers. 3 C5E7086C-18B0-0001-C831F4101DA085E0 I give honorary gifts to nonprofit organizations. 1 C5E7086C-1ED0-0001-3B8713A999EB2410 I primarily shop online. 5 C5E7087A-E840-0001-A6D81DE812873CE0 I go to larger cities to get an array of gifts from large retailers. 2 C5E7087E-4960-0001-A4E11D301EFF5EA0 I do all or most of my shopping Black Friday. 1 C5E70898-07C0-0001-5626144015F00000 Bah Humbug! None of the above. 1