STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS-Beginning in the spring 2009 semester, Tarleton State University will use electronic billing instead of traditional paper bills. The electronic billing, or “eBills,” will become the official method of notification for student billing.

The Texan Bill Pay, as it is referred to on campus, is advantageous for several reasons.

Texan Bill Pay is expected to work faster and more efficiently than traditional methods of billing, eliminating worries about lost mail. With the Texan Bill Pay, it is easy to pay by any major credit card, electronic check or debit card.

The electronic system will also allow for online payment plans. Instead of paying one lump sum, users will be able to spread the cost of tuition and fees over a term by enrolling in the Texan Payment Plan.

E-mail notification will be used as new eBills arrive. Reminders can also be set up for payment plan due dates.

In addition, the Texan Bill Pay can be accessed securely from anywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Login is secured through the student’s Duck Trax account, where he or she will be able to access prior statements, view account information and make payments online.

If desired, students can authorize their parents, grandparents or others to access their billing information.

Tarleton has chosen to go to the Texan Bill Pay plan to provide the best customer service to its students and their parents or guardians. The vast majority of students and parents are comfortable with the Web environment, and this method will provide them with a more efficient and accurate account of their Tarleton bill.