Although nothing is definite yet, Somervell County could see some perks out of the federal stimulus package.

Glen Rose ISD Superintendent Wayne Rotan said the school district could receive $382,000 in a one-time payment through the stimulus deal. But, as with most government money, strings could be attached.

The estimated dollar amount is based on the number of economically disadvantaged students and special education students in the district. The funds will then be filtered through the Texas Department of Education before a single penny reaches local school districts.

While Rotan is not sure yet how much money the district will actually see or what stipulations will be attached to the money, he said the district is eager to receive the funds and will put the money to good use.

The federal stimulus plan also allocated $5.7 billion for work force programs in the nation. The Texas Workforce Commission will receive between $96 million to $99.5 million for North Texas workforce programs.

How much the Somervell area will see should be decided in the next month but the figure will be based on how much the North Central Texas board was initially allocated by the state for FY 2009.

The center offers a variety of programs to help people look and train for employment, including people who receive welfare benefits and a second-chance program for anyone with a criminal history. Day care assistance is also available to working parents that qualify.

More information about the services provided to job seekers and employers can be found at

Texas Work Force has nearby offices in Stephenville, Cleburne and Granbury.

Contact numbers are: Stephenville, (254) 965-5100; Cleburne, (817) 641-6201; Granbury, (817) 573-4282.