A baby giraffe was born at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center on Aug. 2.

The baby, a male Reticulated Giraffe, weighed approximately 140 lbs. and was 5’8” at birth.

The baby’s father is Emba, who moved in with the herd at Fossil Rim in August 2006 from San Diego Wild Animal Park.

The proud mother is Kathy, who was also born at Fossil Rim in 1987.

The newest addition is Kathy’s ninth calf, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get a celebration.

The calf will be named during a “Naming Contest” with KTFW 92.1 Radio and KFWR 95.9 The Ranch.

Giraffes are unique in many different ways. For example, no two giraffes have the same spot pattern.

A female giraffe is pregnant for about 15 months and the baby is born feet first. Baby giraffes can walk about an hour after they are born.

The calves are never left alone and may be grouped into a nursery with other calves.

A giraffe can go weeks without water.

They have seven vertebrae in their neck - just like humans. However, giraffes have special valves in their veins to keep blood from rushing to their head when they bend down.

Fossil Rim opened in 1984 and now covers more than 1,700 acres with 1,100 acres open to the public. The center is home to 52 different species, 12 of which are endangered. More than 1,100 species live at the center.

For details on the contest, listen live or watch for details on the following Web sites, www.fossilrim.org, www.countrylegends921.com or www.959theranch.com.