Five people face charges related to poaching after the remains of four whitetail deer were found near the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in December.

Hood County Game Warden Deshanna Creager and Johnson County Game Warden Scott Kirkpatrick conducted a joint investigation that led to the offenders.

“(The deer were) not in the high-fenced part of Fossil Rim property, but on property owned by Fossil Rim,” Creager said.

The poaching started in November at the start of deer season. Several deer were found dead and with parts missing. After finding the remains, Creager said they started closely surveying the area.

“We got some camera footage of them,” Creager said.

The five offenders were caught on Dec. 21.

Poaching is not uncommon during hunting season and Creager said it’s an issue she confronts every year.

“It’s always an issue during hunting season,” Creager said. “It’s been happening all deer season.”

But this case stood out because of the number of deer that were killed.

“(There are) three that we know of,” Creager said, adding that a fourth deer was found, but has not been connected to the other poached deer.

The names of the offenders have not been released because they have not been arrested.

Creager said three will be arrested and the two others could still face charges.

Due to the scope of the case, the offenders may not be charged with each individual violation.

“We’re turning our case over to the district attorney to decide the charges and then we will get warrants,” Creager said.

The five offenders are facing various Class C misdemeanor charges and Class A charges of hunting without landowner consent.

Three offenders are looking at a state jail felony offense of taking a whitetail deer without landowner consent and a Class A misdemeanor of failure to keep game in edible condition.

Creager said the offenders are aware that they are in trouble and could spend some time in jail, in addition to the payment of fines.