Since last report, two more shops in downtown Glen Rose have closed their doors. One was a Mexican food restaurant and the other was fitness related, offering Zumba and other classes. With the number of shuttered businesses increasing, the Reporter wants to know what type of retailer you think could survive on the square, by products and services that appeal to local customers as well as tourists.

C5C78C39-A060-0001-E279163F178D31C0 Card, flower and/or gift shop 0 C5C78C40-F0F0-0001-562D1FCD750113CD Restaurant, cafe and/or coffee shop 4 C5C78C49-4AC0-0001-9E321AC01BE010B0 Entertainment - theatre, cinema and/or music 10 C5C78C4D-E730-0001-FFEF149815B8C8E0 Clothing, jewelry, shoes and/or other appearal 0 C5C78C5A-12E0-0001-F4BF14871EEE5000 Photo and/or art studio or gallery 0 C5C78C61-5DD0-0001-1B41BE901C7C1F08 Wine, cheese and/or chocolate 5 C5C78C6C-3190-0001-90AF193095662A10 Children's boutique 0 C5C78C77-87F0-0001-7DA83BD02B018E70 Toy, books and/or video games 0 C5C78C8F-FB60-0001-EB86B8794CF71AAA Kitchen and household items 1 C5C78C99-F2E0-0001-31861C2117801DA6 None of the above 6