In a marathon night, the Glen Rose School Board of Trustees started at 5:30 p.m. with a budget workshop and ended after 10 p.m. with an executive session. Board members discussed new legislation, current and future projects, and hired personnel for the 2009-10 school year.

Superintendent Wayne Rotan addressed board members during the budget workshop. He said information on how new legislation will affect the school district is still coming in. The district should end up with approximately $19.3 to $19.5 million in total revenue for the upcoming school year. The variance will depend on how much interest rates continue to drop. Amid the uncertainty, Rotan is confident of one thing.

“Our tax rate will not go above what it is right now,” Rotan said.

Additional workshops are set for Tuesday, July 14, and Monday, Aug. 10.

When board members moved on to the regular meeting at 7 p.m., Joelle Ogletree spoke during the public comments.

She said the last three times her pending litigation was up for discussion, the agenda item did not appear as part of the public notice. She referenced the most recent public notice published in the Reporter on June 17. The legal notice listed sub-items under executive session as A and C, but skipping B. Ogletree said item B, which listed discussions regarding the pending litigation and claims, was intently left off to keep the public ill-informed.

Rotan said the error was inadvertent and not malicious. The district sends the notices to the papers a week in advance due to printing schedules and deadlines, but under Texas law, a complete agenda is to be posted no later than 72 hours prior to the meeting.

Action items on the agenda included renewing the school resource officer agreement with Shane Tipton and the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office and approving a transportation agreement for special education students between Glen Rose ISD, Tolar ISD and Lipan ISD.

GRISD technical guru Doug McClure addressed the board about replacing aging computers and servers.

The plan will replace 100 Dell desktop computers that are five years old with faster hp models with 22-inch monitors.

He also presented a plan to buy 25 mini-note laptops for the elementary students. McClure said the smaller machines are durable and good for children with smaller hands and is easier for them to handle than larger, traditional laptops.

But the crown jewel of his presentation was virtual servers. McClure admitted the concept could be difficult to grasp at first, but essentially the server uses software to help keep the machines running at optimal levels. He said one virtual server could conservatively do the job of 20 traditional servers.

The board approved McClure’s request for the new equipment with a $156,177.35 price tag. The move should save money in the long run and the equipment will be purchased with funds from the 2007 bonds.

Tommy Gibson also approached the board about replacing the track. He showed pictures of areas where the track can be pulled from the asphalt beneath.

In addition to the track, Gibson said they would like to construct a new high jump area and add a chute to the track.

The board approved the $251,082 project, which will use funds already allocated from the 2007 bonds.

At the end of the meeting, board members approved seven new hires. Kasey Reedy will begin as an elementary teacher; Miranda Welle will join as a pre-k teacher; Mary Strayhorn signed on as a fifth grade teacher; Kelci Dowell will teach science at the junior high; Reci Brooks will teach math at the junior high; Shawna Conway will teach history and coach at the junior high; Johnny McGregor is coming back as a part time composite science teacher at the high school.