The bright blue house on First Street is now beige. And the burned house on Barnard Street near the Paluxy River weir is now razed.

Those were two of the four home service projects that Christmas in Action tackled on Saturday. Volunteers came from churches, civic organizations and Glen Rose High School’s National Honor Society to give the community a facelift and residents a priceless gift — their time and work on behalf of people who could not make home repairs on their own.

“We had participation from church groups, auxillaries, young adults from the National Honor Society, Future Leaders of America and the Glen Rose Baseball Team,” said Darrell Best, Christmas in Action's fundraising chair (see his “thank you” letter on the Opinion page). “I saw children at ages 3 and 4 passing out refreshments to workers and people in their 80s picking up trash. I saw the county and city working together, side by side, like they do everyday, for a single purpose — to make the community a better place to live.”

At the burned home site, The City of Glen Rose donated a bulldozer and other equipment to remove debris.

Over on First Street, high school juniors Payton Downing and Ariana Barrios dipped paintbrushes in beige paint and covered the former bright blue hue.

Chelsea Fenton, Ashleigh Stegall and Mary Stegall also worked on the front porch, while Rachel Walls, Tatiana Wood, Ryan Bernardy, Shannon Brenning, Shelbi Hess and Ashley Hess climbed ladders and worked on the back of the house. Maria Ayala and April Brenning painted window screens.

All seemed to be enjoying the warm day and — and the quiet joy of making a difference.