Days after a fire erupted and claimed the life of a Glen Rose native on Friday, the stench of fire and watered-down smoke continue to hang in the stale air inside the mobile home in the J&D Mobile Home Park on S. Lillian Street.

Witnesses reported seeing smoke coming from the windows of a trailer in the mobile home just after 4 p.m. and called 911. When the Stephenville Fire Department arrived on the scene approximately five minutes later and extinguished the flames, they found the deceased body of William Jan Gibbs, 50, in the rubble.

While the fire was mostly contained to one bedroom and bathroom, there was smoke and water damage throughout the home.

Questions continue to surround the fire, but Stephenville Fire Marshal Gary Nabors said preliminary findings and reports from the Medical Examiner’s office in Dallas indicate Gibbs was killed by thermal burns and smoke inhalation. Details surrounding the fire and what caused it remain sketchy, and he said investigators are still working on the case and hope to have more answers in the following days.

However, from the amount of trash and debris filling the rooms and overflowing into the halls and main rooms, it seems the clutter couldn’t have helped the situation. Electricity has been turned off at the trailer, which is believed to have had electrical problems.

Nabors said he has not had a chance to get back to the scene to investigate the cause of the incident further, but hopes to do so in the days to come.

Investigators are questioning neighbors and continuing their investigation but said they do not suspect arson.

“We have no reason to suspect foul play,” Nabors said. “And nothing has made us believe this was anything other than an accident.”