Glen Rose city council members met on Tuesday, July 21 to clarify the confusion caused at a meeting last week.

At the first meeting, the city council voted three to two against a planning and zoning recommendation for a re-zoning request from R-1 Single Family to R-4 Multi-Family located at 1404 N.E. Barnard Street.

It was originally stated that the council needed a four to 1 vote in order to overturn planning and zoning's recommendation. However, after further review, it was discovered that the council's vote would stand and the re-zoning will not be granted.

"Instead of requiring four to change it - a simple vote was sufficient to override planning and zoning," city clerk Mygnonne Thomas said. "Had planning and zoning denied (the re-zoning) then it would have taken four of them (votes)."

The sale of the property, located at the opening to Glen Rose's preservation district, was contingent upon the approval of the zoning change, which would allow several apartment complexes to built. As presented, the complex would consist of three 12-unit complexes, which would be three-story apartments complete with fireplaces.

The re-zoning was not approved and the land will remain the same R-1 Single Family for the time being. It is unknown at this time if a second request will be made to the city.