C5F70FE0-7EE0-0001-8CA874201FA0D4C0 Greg Abbott. Is there another candidate? 9 C5F70FE7-1FA0-0001-D7A9AC191BD0DAE0 Miriam Martinez. Her Latin heritage makes her a shoo-in. 0 C5F70FE9-0F60-0001-BC131FEB14EBE8F0 Lisa Fritsch. Due to her stances against the status quo. 0 C5F70FEA-BAE0-0001-DDD4BEA0480016B1 None of the above. I'm with the Dems and Wendy Davis. 13 C5F70FEC-73C0-0001-A058E18018E0C190 I support Democrat Reynaldo “Ray” Madrigal. 1 C5F71000-2140-0001-AD2F9EA01A40126B I am undecided. 1