"The evidence in this case confirms that religion messages expressed on run-through banners have not created, and will not create, an establishment of religion in the Kountze community," State District Judge Steve Thomas said. The ruling ended a controversial chapter in the small community of Kountze, about 95 miles northeast of Houston.

C5AEF1AF-3820-0001-6D6C1E4218681F72 I agree. And applaud the judge for upholding the students' freedoms. 17 C5AEF1B0-3270-0001-8E44150099BC1C10 I agree. But I believe the signs are a direct reflection of faith. 0 C5AEF1B2-6380-0001-7DB1522088357FD0 I agree. But believe the same should be allowed students of all faiths. 4 C5AEF1B4-A4C0-0001-4F1C72591C401112 I disagree. And believe religion should be kept out of school events. 1 C5AEF1B5-BB40-0001-AA9136AFE4003460 I am undecided. 0