More than 100 people crowded into Wiley Funeral Home last Wednesday to pay their last respects to Mygnonne Thomas, the longtime city secretary who was known as the soul and the “grandma” of Town Hall.

    Bill Daniels, city inspector for the City of Glen Rose and an evangelist, officiated at the service. He noted that Thomas did not like sad things.

    “She liked to laugh, she liked to kid, she liked to hear funny stories,” Daniels said. “Mygnonne was kind of like the grandma of City Hall.”

    But “one thing you didn’t want to do was cross her or think you knew more than she did,” he added, drawing laughter.

    If someone tried to tell her where they’d been and what they’d done, “she’d have been there and done that,” Daniels said. “And when that long, slender finger went up and those eyebrows went up, you’d better watch out and start looking for cover.”

    Thomas loved talking on the phone and she never met a stranger, Daniels recalled.

    One day she was on the phone for 10 or 15 minutes. A co-worker asked whom she had been talking with for so long.

    “Oh, that was just somebody with the wrong number,” Thomas said.

    Thomas loved jokes involving the cartoon character Maxine, she loved to dance and more than anything she loved her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Daniels said.

    “I’ll be dancing in the clouds when I should be sleeping,” she once said about death.

    Music played as a slide show of photos from Thomas’ life was projected on  the wall. When the folksong “I’ll Fly Away” began, Thomas’ family began singing the lyrics and clapping. Others joined in.

    Then Daniels read a poem about a rose that grew through a crevice in a wall and bloomed, releasing its fragrance.

    “The rose still grows beyond the wall,” Daniels said.

    Thomas’ favorite spring flowers were bluebonnets. Among the two dozen arrangements and plants sent to the funeral home, someone brought a simple bouquet of bluebonnets in a vase.

    Mygnonne Thomas no doubt would have approved.