The Somervell County Sheriff’s Office has received complaints of forged checks, totaling more than $9,000 that were cashed at local businesses.

Shahzad Ghafoor, who owns and operates the Mighty Mart on N.E. Big Bend Trail, gave a statement to Deputy Alan West that a $1,000 forged check had been cashed at his store between June 6-12.

Ronald Riley, owner of the Exxon Travel Plaza on County Road 333 reported three incidents of forged checks at his store.

On June 12, Riley stated that the store had cashed four payroll checks totaling $3,895.20 and all four were returned as forged.

On June 15, Riley reported a second incidence with a $2,000 check.

Lt. Anders Dahl said a third incident was reported on June 19 involving a $2,550 check cashed at the plaza.

Dahl said the checks were cashed on separate occasions and by multiple suspects. Each check had a different company name, referencing companies in Stephenville, Decatur and Fresno, CA.

The Somervell County Sheriff’s office is handling the investigation.

The suspect or suspects face multiple charges of forgery.