Efforts to gather enough signatures on a petition calling for a dissolution election are winding down. If voters support the issue, Glen Rose Medical Center - and its funding - would be returned to Somervell County. The county could in turn lease the facility to an outside management company. Some say that will mean a cut in services and loss of local jobs. What do you say?

C5E4D074-78E0-0001-56ACEAD01167151E No. The taxing entity will allow GRMC to remain local. 13 C5E4D076-6AD0-0001-B2EB82E01EE11570 No. We need to maintain current services and jobs. 11 C5E4D096-DA80-0001-6ACF11BE17301D21 Yes. The hospital needs to be run by a private company. 14 C5E4D09D-EAD0-0001-40D8FB436DC09A00 Yes. The county was doing fine without the district. 3 C5E4D0A3-6BA0-0001-E7318FC0F4A08A30 Yes. I want the 10.5-cent tax to disappear. 2 C5E4D0A9-DE60-0001-BB53157089601F54 None of the above. 0 C5E4D0C0-A0E0-0001-1CC8E53F16301754 I am undecided. 2