A line of severe storms containing several funnel clouds blew through Somervell County Monday afternoon, causing minor damage and some scary moments for many residents.

Two injuries were reported — a worker at Unimin who fell off a piece of machinery and broke his arm and a woman who ran off a road in her vehicle during the hailstorm.

Damage to the area was minor, with some downed trees, broken tree limbs and damage to an apartment complex sign.

The storms that spawned the twisters hit the county around 2 p.m. Monday. About 15 or 20 minutes later, County Judge Mike Ford said he received reports of funnel clouds sighted by spotters and ordered the county's emergency sirens sounded.

The first funnel — reported above the new water tower on Highway 56 between Glen Rose and the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant — lowered and then pulled back up into the clouds.

But about 15 minutes later another funnel cloud was sighted above Glen Rose Soccer Park and a second set of sirens sounded.

Ford and county commissioners Lloyd Wirt and John Curtis, as well as County Attorney Ron Hankins, gathered in Ford's office to watch the storm's progression on the National Weather Service radar. Ford fielded phone calls from the Somervell Sheriff's Office, which had storm spotters scattered throughout the county filing reports, and from Dallas-Fort Worth media outlets.

“It sounds like we had several different funnels that tried to drop and one of them that actually dropped,” Ford said. “I've had calls from just every TV and radio station.”

The Somervell Apartments behind Taqueria Rio Grande and Pruitt Realty had its sign, which was mounted on brick pillars, knocked down. Several trees on the apartment complex grounds also lost large limbs.

There were unconfirmed reports of broken windows and skylights at homes around the county. A large mesquite tree was split in two, blocking County Road 425 on the county's eastside.

Golf-ball-size hail pelted the community of Rainbow.

Alvis Million saved several of the large hail stones in his freezer.

“I wanted some rain, but I didn't want all this hail,” Million said.

His neighbors, Jamie and Jesse McClure, who own Simple Simon's pizzeria, caught on their video camera a funnel cloud lowering from the dark bank of clouds hovering above the hill behind the Expo Center.

“It was the biggest funnel I'd ever seen,” Jesse McClure said.

The Glen Rose Independent School District decided to keep children at school until the storm danger had passed. Students were moved to interior rooms. The district alerted parents through text and phone messages. Buses were running 20 minutes late after the district began releasing students.

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