Texas high school students are required to pass 15 end-of-course exams before they can graduate. Texas requires more tests than any other state in the nation. New York ranks second with only four tests. Last week, the Texas House passed HB 5, which cuts the number of tests to 5.

C5A370F4-5D00-0001-569A126610AD1652 Yes. There is too much emphasis placed on testing. 17 C5A37108-38A0-0001-C9BD1F00A0DE1CFC Yes. Testing should only focus on the basics. 1 C5A3714F-45E0-0001-9744A4E51E4719F7 No. The requirement creates stronger students. 3 C5A37157-7690-0001-3ADC17C0B7008B80 I am undecided. 0