Texas Insider Online named State Representative Sid Miller (R-Stephenville) as the best legislator for 2009 in the 81st session.

Calling him “simply the best,” Texas Insider said Miller’s mastery of legislature rules was one of his most important assets.

“Miller skillfully and bravely killed [a] terrible bill by Rep. [Burt] Solomons [R-Carrolton] most felt increased rates for electric customers,” the article said. “He re-emerged as [a] possible future statewide leader for conservative causes on important issues.”

“I’m an old Ag teacher,” Miller said in an interview with the Reporter, as he pulled a 30-foot cattle trailer through State Capitol security. “And one of the things Ag teachers do is teach parliamentary procedures.”

Miller agreed that knowing the ins and outs of legislative procedure allowed him to focus on killing bad legislation such as Solomons’ bill, “one that would raise rates on electric customers,” Miller said.

Texas Insider said Miller called point of order during debate over Solomons’ “anti-consumer protection bill.”

Under parliamentary procedure, a point of order can be raised if one feels the rules have been broken. The dispute must be resolved before business can proceed.

Texas Insider named Solomons as one of the worst legislators this session, along with Jim Dunnam (D-Waco).

Dunnam was reprimanded for wasting valuable local calendar time. Items on the local calendar are usually non-controversial and pertain only to a specific district. But the list must by distributed to committee members 48 hours in advance.

“Early on he looked brilliant for his manipulation of the ABCs to oust Craddick,” the article stated. “His darker side came ominously through on Voter ID in the strategy for wasting time on the local calendar. If the election for chair of the house Democrat caucus was held tomorrow, he might lose to anyone but Dunnam.”