Somervell County commissioners approved additional architectural work for the Glen Rose Medical Center during their regular meeting Monday. The changes include deleting one of the 12 new emergency patient rooms and adding two patient toilets.

A parking lot area and LifeStar quarters will also be shifted as part of the change.

Although commissioners gave the green light, the decision does not mean more money.

Somervell County Judge Walter Maynard said the project has $600,000 in contingency funds plus $675,000 for storm drainage and parking lot projects as part of the $13.9 million budget.

The court has to approve the funds, however, before any money is drawn from those accounts.

“It’s all in our hands and we’re very much aware,” Maynard said.

Maynard said that plans have been in the works for about two months to move the fuel station to the newly acquired property to the west. The tanks would be placed on the west end of that property.

The property also has three old houses on it that need to go.

Commissioners discussed demolishing the buildings but wanted time to review other options, such as salvaging rocks from the buildings.

A hospital financial report will also be filed and on record in the county clerk’s office as part of the regular monthly reports the court receives.

Commissioners also sanctioned an area near the entrance of Heritage Park as the future home of the Rhett Butler Monument.

Jeff Knowles owns the property where the monument now sits on Highway 67. In December, he offered to help pay to move the monument to the park, saying he felt is was a more ideal location.

Commissioner James Barnard said the new location is on the left, just inside the entrance near a privacy fence. The monument would sit across from the rose garden and could be landscaped around to enhance the look of the memorial.

Barnard said the city of Glen Rose is looking to buy a new monument that can be expanded to hold the future names of service men or women who fall in the line of duty.

Other actions taken by the commissioners included opening carpeting bids for the Somervell County Library and Somervell County Citizen’s Center.

Janitorial bids were also opened in court and commissioners are accepting bids on employee uniforms, rags, covers and mats until 5 p.m. April 9.