Glen Rose Independent School District Superintendent Wayne Rotan warns local businesses to be on the lookout for an imposter.

Last week, Rotan received a phone call from a local business asking about a person trying to sell ads on behalf of the school district.

The imposter contacted the business, stating they were selling ads for the school calendar. When the business owner asked for proof that the school had approved the company, the caller could not produce the correct evidence.

Rotan said they do have an approved contract with TexLa Sports to publish a fall and spring calendar. He said they have used the same company for several years and most business owners should be familiar with the company. He also said the representative will not call on the phone, but will spend about a week in town visiting face-to-face with area businesses.

“Anyone claiming to be associated with the school should be able to produce a letter on the school’s letterhead, stating that they have been approved,” Rotan said.