Dog owners in Somervell County will soon be asked politely to clean up their pet’s messes in local parks.

At a special meeting on Monday, July 6, county commissioners unanimously approved the posting of several signs, which will read “All pets must be on a leash. Please clean up after your pet.”

County Judge Walter Maynard said he had been approached by a group of residents who requested additional steps be taken to prevent “messes” in the park.

“All that has been asked is that we put some signs up asking people to clean up after their dogs,” he said.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Mike Ford said he preferred to post signage as opposed to taking any additional action on the matter. One commissioner also pointed out that the city of Glen Rose also has a leash ordinance.

“Pets are not permitted to be outside without being on a leash,” Glen Rose city clerk Mygnonne Thomas said. “If you are off your property, your dog has to be on a leash.”

Resident Sue Oldenburg, who frequents Soccer Park with her canines, asked the commissioners if additional garbage receptacles could be placed throughout the park for pet owners in order to assist them with the disposal process.

“Once you leave the parking lot you have to walk all the way through the park (to get to a trash receptacle),” she said.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Lloyd Wirt, whose precinct covers Soccer Park, said he was in favor of placing additional bins throughout the park.

“What I am thinking is something that is easy for the people who will be emptying it,” he said.

Wirt also reminded dog owners that they will have to bring their own bags to dispose of “messes” in the parks. He estimated that signs would be posted at Soccer Park, Heritage Park and the 67 Park.

In other business, commissioners unanimously approved the purchase of hospital bond furniture through TXMAS, the 2010 proposed operating budget for Somervell Central Appraisal District and a maintenance agreement with APPRISS on Vine Program.