Glen Rose Elementary School students celebrated Veteran’s Day Wednesday in special fashion.

Students invited family members who had served in the military to the school for a special presentation, which included a patriotic song, a skit about Veteran’s Day and a Webcam conversation with a soldier in Iraq.

Boy Scouts opened the event with the Pledge of Allegiance, which was followed by a song from staff member Dena Fenton.

Kory Underdown, a former soldier, told students what freedom meant to him.

“Freedom to me is about having a choice,” Underdown said.

He also told students to thank veterans they meet.

Veteran visitors were then privy to a presentation thanking them and other student relatives who served in the Armed Forces.

One of the most touching memorials came from C.J. McClure, nephew of Rhett Butler, a Glen Rose soldier who died in Iraq.

“I am very proud of who my uncle was and I am thankful for the people like Uncle Rhett who fight for our country,” McClure said.

Students kept their attention on the big screen as Wayne Rogers’ family dialed his uncle in Iraq via Webcam. Wesley Shepard, Rogers’ uncle, then spoke with students and shared a little about soldier life in the Middle East.

Shepard, who calculated the time to be just before midnight, told students he does not ride in a tanker or sleep in a tent. He said the soldiers sleep in buildings and even can play video games and watch television.

Students found the most interesting story of Sherpard’s to be about the camel spider.

“A camel spider is as big as my hand,” he said. “It looks like a tarantula but it is a little bit bigger.”