Robert Earl Buttry’s murder trail was scheduled to begin on Oct. 6, but after his attorneys filed a motion to be removed from the case, the judge had no choice but to delay the trail until after the first of the year.

Shelly Fowler and Ben Turner requested to withdraw as the defense attorneys after Buttry sent Fowler a letter threatening “certain actions” if she did not withdraw as his attorney.

Buttry alleges that R.C. Reynolds, a private investigator, told him that Fowler made inappropriate comments about the case. Fowler denied the accusation.

“I can’t take that chance,” Buttry told the judge. “I have to treat is as if I heard it with my own ears.”

Although the actions Buttry threatened to take against Fowler were not disclosed in open court, Buttry did tell the judge he had already submitted written complaints with the Texas Bar Association and the ACLU.

Turner also requested to withdraw as Buttry’s attorney. He said he felt he would be ineffective under the circumstances.

Martin Strahan, Johnson County Attorney and special prosecutor, said he did not contest the motion to withdraw.

“The state wants the charges to stick,” Strahan said.

The judge granted to the motion and said a new defense attorney would have to be selected. At that time, a new court date would be set, probably be after the first of the year.