The first fireworks show in Glen Rose in more than 10 years was a blast, with a lot of "boom-boom" and "bang" mixed in for a dazzling and memorable spectacle.

Abourt 1,000 people gathered at Wheeler Branch Reservoir Sunday evening for the show. The Glen Rose/Somervell County Chamber of Commerce sponsored the event, with the help of many corporate and individual sponsors.

There was no charge for parking and spectators lined roads and spilled into the parking lot at the Texas Ampitheatre to watch the 30-minute show.

Scattered thunderstorms earlier that afternoon sprinkled some rain on the parched grass around the reservoir's dam, where the fireworks were set off at the end over the water.

But it remained so dry that the Somervell County Fire Department stood by on hand with water tanker trucks and firefighting crews in case some sparks fell to the ground and ignited.

That didn't happen. It was pretty to watch the sparks float into the water and cast reflections of light.

Spectators converging on the lake brought blankets and lawn chairs and picked out a spot early. Children skipped stones while waiting for the show to start and a sliver of a crescent moon rose in the sky. Sponsors enjoyed a barbecue dinner and live music.

Around 9:30 p.m., the show literally began with a "bang." From then on, it was a succession of "boom"s followed by "ooohs," "aaahs" and a few "woo-hoos" as the crowed watched the sky come alive with a kaleidoscope of colors and patterned light.

The show was set to the music of songs such as "I'm Proud to Be an American" and "Rockin' in the U.S.A." The grand finale was "God Bless America” as the sky exploded with bursts of light.

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